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Do you have a dog that seems stray and is difficulty to maintain? Well most dogs are as they are bought or got having not been trained to be calm or take any instructions from a person. They may seem fun at first but a stray dog’s behavior can’t be handled after some time. Taking them out for a walk may start being difficult as their behavior in the public may be uncouth. It may also be difficult to host visitors at your home with the untrained dog or puppy being a nuisance. This may make you consider selling you favorite pet or giving it up for adoption.



Well save yourself the trouble of having to be separated by your dog with this online dog training program. This website has videos that help train your dog in stages offered by the training courses. Get your dog trained at a little fee by Dan, a professional at training dogs. This will get done at the comfort of your house at a very little sustenance fee. Dan has seen over thousands of dogs go through his gifted hands or program and emerge to be disciplined and upright. He has dealt with all types of dogs you can think off, and not even one of them has failed to get trained.


He explains how he gets this done. Dogs, he says, like to imagine themselves as leaders of a pack. And by this, they don’t like taking commands directly but rather, be treated with respect. So the first step he takes when training a dog is to win the pet’s heart.This gets them to listen to you enabling you to have control over them. By doing this, you will have overthrown the dog off its position and made yourself the leader. You then have the power to make it listen to you. He has recorded his personal trainings with all the dogs he has personally handled and each video shows you exactly how to do things. This makes it easier for anyone.

The online program is like a course and has been purposely divided into stages that one is advised to go through and not skip any. This is because, as Doggy Dan puts it, dogs are like one’s babies. They must be handled slowly and patiently, the veteran adds. Here is a brief look at these stages:

– Section one: It teaches you how dog views itself as the pack leader and how you would overthrow its leadership over the perceived pack. The benefit of this is that it gives you control over it. This teaches you five secrets to be able to pull this out.


– Section two: This section lays emphasis on how to train a puppy to turn out to be a great dog and the benefits of it.



– Section three: It opens one’s eyes clearly explaining all possible problems any dog would have. With this, you can cross check the traits your dog has with what has been provided helping you to focus on them more. Problems such as jumping on other people, stealing, aggression towards other people and dogs have all been well put here.


– Section four: It provides lessons on how you should understand your pet. It is very useful as it makes it easy for one to see how simple it is to turn your puppy in to the dog you have always dreamt of.


– Section five: this section is the core of the course and contains a complete library of videos made by Dan on training your puppy or dog.

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Among the benefits this program has is that you learn how the psychology of dogs work and how to speed it up to. This is not only beneficial during the program but can be found useful even after one is done with the training as it sticks with you. It creates a bond of trust between you and the pet and shows you how to tone your voice when instruction the dog as some tones may not be taken kindly by the animal. One is shown how to reward the dogs and regulate the presents as too much is destructive. It also ensures that your children are safe around the tamed dog.


Training a dog may be very expensive and one may be saving a lot of cash just to do that. Well its time you stop doing this and look for this program. It costs $1 for trial and the cheapest place to get it is, Doggy Dan’s website. The package includes over 230 videos. Awesome right!! This may be the best training program you will ever get.


Compared to other dog training materials available, this has proven to be the most reliable one. It even has a feedback option where you can personally interact with Dan or one of his few professional employees to ask them any questions concerning dogs. The feedback is real time unlike any other forums which may take up to a week to get back to one. If this program fails, the administrator assures you that you will get your full payment back, not a penny less. This however has never happened as he is 100% sure about the success of the program. Exclusive membership is also being offered by the website in which other dog things such as its nutrition and how you should take care of it are provided.


Apart from the convenience this method has, it is simple to use and much fun is involved. It takes you through the process deeply but very quickly. You will be done before you know it. Each little thing about dogs is brought to shed and nothing is left out with this program. Every Doggy Dan customers have had a testimony of how the great results the program produces are.Most of them go on to thank the trainer for the unbelievable results the get. At the end of all this, your dog’s behavior will be changed not temporally but permanently.


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There are certain behaviors which dogs display that can be very frustrating to their owners. These include things such as toilet training issues, constant barking and failure to respond to your commands. However, these are all things that can be addressed with proper training. The Online Dog Trainer is a program that has been devised by Daniel Abdelnoor, also known as Doggy Dan. He is one of New Zealand’s most well respected and experienced dog trainers. This provides a real alternative to traditional dog training classes, which can be very expensive.




Dan has worked with thousands of dogs during his career and during this time he has gained a real understanding of why dogs behave in the way that they do, and what their owners can do to help change their behavior. The Online Dog Trainer is based around these principles, and it also gives you the option of being able to train your dog in the comfort of your own home, and according to your own schedule. It is also more beneficial to your dog if you are the one that is doing the training, as it will then be you that they are learning to obey.




If you have tried traditional dog training classes before, you may have been disappointed that you did not get the results that you wanted. This can be even more frustrating if you have spent a lot of money on employing a trainer and attending classes. This is probably because the people that are trying to train your dog are making the same mistakes that many other dog trainers are also making. They don’t understand that a dogs mind works differently to that of a human, and they expect the dog to respond to the training as a human would. When this doesn’t happen, they blame the dog for being too difficult to train.




Some methods of dog training that are suggested by people who class themselves as professional border on cruelty. This can include things such as shock collars, that give dogs electric shocks every time they bark. The Online Dog Trainer is endorsed by the New Zealand SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), so you can be sure that the techniques that you will learn here will not harm your dog in any way.




The Online Dog Trainer is a program that can be used on almost every breed of dog. It can also be used effectively to train older dogs that you may have been told will never be able to change their behavior. Doggy Dan has used this program on a large number of older dogs, and in most cases he has found that they respond better than younger dogs and puppies.




When you sign up as a member, you will have exclusive online access to all the videos and articles that you will need to begin training your dog straight away. These videos can be worked through at your own pace, and you are also able to select the videos that are specific to the issues that your dog is having. When you become a member of the Online Dog Trainer, you will also get access to the members forum where you are able to get advice and share your successes with other dog lovers just like yourself.




Over 10,000 people have already signed up to the Online Dog Trainer, and there are a large number of testimonials that you can read on the site that show just how many people have had success with this program, even when they had been told by other trainers that they had no other choice but to accept that their dogs behavior was never going to improve. If this sounds like the situation that you find yourself in, then you may be surprised at the difference that online dog training courses make to the way your dog responds to training.




You are able to cancel your membership to the Online Dog Trainer at any time, and there are no fees for doing this. If you are not completely satisfied with the experience that you have with this program, then you can claim a full refund for any money that you have paid any time within the first sixty days of your membership. If you have been struggling to find a way to get your dog to behave as you want them to, then you really have nothing to lose by giving the Online Dog Trainer a try.





Puppy & Dog Training Videos – Dog Training Online


The online dog trainer, Dan Abelnoor, is recognized for offering solutions for common behavioural dog and puppy issues and concerns. He offers a systematic guide on how to deal with these issues effectively and efficiently.


Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer is a dog program, which provides you with practical solutions to address your dog’s issues as well as on dog training concepts. His key objective is to help dog owners meet their objectives in developing a positive relationship with their dog pets. He offers hundreds of videos each addressing a given concern or training strategy. You will also get to understand why dogs do what they do so you can better understand how to address a given aspect.


This trainer review is divided into two major parts. The simple course and the exclusive course.


The simple course is directed to dog owners who are looking to instill the basic requirements and expectations of their dogs. It is simple and does not require any expertise from the dog owner.




The exclusive course is more detailed and provides higher-level skills for your dog. However, you cannot jump into his course without completing the initial simple course.




These videos are gaining popularity in the market because they are not only result oriented but you get to treat your dog with respect without having to introduce any harsh dog-training methods. In this, there are no shocking devices. The approach is based on increasing your confidence and strengthens your relationship with your dog.




In addition, it is also reliable as Dan is providing his information from a practical perspective. He has been able to build a name as a professional dog trainer. While he has written content about dogs and the relationship they should build with, he has introduced these dog trainer videos, which practically explain what many theoretical training books have not been able to put through.




How this Program Works

This program is easy to understand and simple to implement. It is therefore, user-friendly and easy. It is progressive, as it will help you to start from the basic skills and then gradually implement more skills even when they are more enhanced. Because they are videos, there is no possible confusion of how to go about the provided instructions. The practical aspect makes it easy and fast to implement.


Its progressive nature helps you to first understand the psychology on dogs thinking. Secondly, you will be equipped with basic dog training skills that your dog will easily relate to and adopt. With hundreds of videos, you will be able to train your dog effectively as well as build a stronger bond.


Benefits of this dog trainer program


No force is used with your dog(s)


No use of gadgets, which may be harmful or irritating to your dog


There is no need to instill fear


The video show you how to teach and train your dog’s rather than theories in wording


The training processes are simple to follow


It is result oriented


Beneficiaries of the training program

Having a well-trained dog is an added advantage for every dog owner. Dog is man’s best friend but without a mutual understanding of their co-existence. This online dog-training program is designed to benefit the following:

The dog/ puppy owner. This is because you will be able to understand your dog’s needs and preferences. This also leaves you happy.


The dog. Once he is able to communicate, he will wag his tail more often and avoid being a nuisance


Neighbors and family. There is nothing as good as your neighbors enjoying their peace of mind knowing that their children are safe from unintended bites or scratches.

Erin Vejar with her dogs, Vinyl, Akiyla & Zeus

One of the most captivating additions on this program is that Dan is always sharing new discoveries. You must agree that dogs are different and that their needs and preferences may differ. It is for this reason that Dan has not stopped to provide more informative videos on training your puppy and dog. It concentrates on identifying your dog’s habits and using the right approach to solve the habits you do not approve of.


The official site outlines all the possible behavioral issues to help you identify what the concern is and how to address without introducing any uncouth methods. It works for all dog ages, there is no need of using a shock collar or constantly yell at him, and you do not have to rely on a dog trainer to fully train your dog. It offers dog training at the very best.